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I understand that D3.js can be difficult to learn alone and can quickly feel overwhelming. Although D3.js can seem complicated at the outset, it is an extremely powerful tool for creating custom interactive visualizations and is worth the effort! This is why I offer educational trainings to help people get over the initial learning hump.

In the past I have taught D3.js courses with Metis, and will soon be teaching Master's students at Northwestern University. I use this experience, plus my experience creating data visualizations for industry, to deliver material that will set you up to create your own stunning custom interactive visualizations.

You will learn the underlying building blocks of the D3.js library and how to use them. Better understanding D3's underlying structure will help to unlock the possibilities of what you can create. Additionally, you will be taught skills and provided with resources that will help you to continue learning even after the course is over.

If you are interested in attending a D3.js course or hiring me for a D3.js corporate training, please fill out the form below.

  • If you are an individual looking to learn D3.js, please provide your contact information as well as your location in the form below. There are currently no courses scheduled, but I can keep you updated when the next are on the calendar!

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