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Mollie Pettit

I wear many hats! I tell stories through the creation of interactive data visualizations. My data science background is wielded to find interesting and not-so-obvious insights within the data, prepare the data, and be thoughtful about the visual representation of statistal nuances within the data. I am also passionate about teaching data visualization and d3.js via workshops and corporate trainings.

In my career, I have worked on projects involving a wide variety of problems including but not limited to interactive data visualizations, exploratory data analysis, corporate data tool creation, course development, trainings / instruction, and ideation. I previously worked as a data scientist/consultant with Datascope Analytics (now part of IDEO) and as d3.js and data science instructor with Metis and Northwestern University, and as a freelance data visualization engineer (during which time I worked with companies such as ACLU-IL, G2, and The New Yorker).

I currently focus on creating customized interactive data visualizations as a freelancer for hire.

When I am not being a technical nerd I swing dances as much as possible, listens to educational podcasts, and strive to be all-around fabulous.

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New Yorker ACLU Northwestern Metis Common Sensing BigR


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